Monday, November 3, 2014

Song of Drums and Tomahawks officially released!

The cover of our rules set -- artwork by Andrea Sfiligoi
 Well, here it is! Our French & Indian War rules -- Song of Drums and Tomahawks -- were officially released last week as a joint venture by Ganesha Games and our own company, First Command Wargames. Right now, they are available for PDF download on the Ganesha Games website, here: Song of Drums and Tomahawks

The print-on-demand booklets will be available soon. It will also be available soon on, I believe...

Check them $8 they are quite the bargain (if I must say so myself...!)!!! The rules include a substantial historical background piece, a timeline of the wars in our period, army lists, and all the rules necessary to play. This is a stand-alone rule book -- not a supplement. At 62 pages, there is a lot there!

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