Friday, June 17, 2016

Tricking out another log cabin

Darice log cabin with scratch-built chimney added to it
 Because I can't possibly NOT modify and add things to the incredibly cheap wood dowel log cabins from Darice, here's a new one I just built. The big thing for this cabin was I added a stone chimney. This was scratch-built using some Hirst Arts plaster blocks from a leftover project (thanks, Zeke!). I wanted the chimney to have a portion of it on the inside and outside of the cabin. So, it took a bit of doing to match up the blocks. I am happy with the results, though.
The roof, windows, shutters, and bits on and around the door are modifications to the store-bought package
So, what's modified? Number one, the chimney. The package (available at Hobby Lobby and other stores) comes with a small wooden block to sit atop the roof for a chimney -- nothing on the interior. Number two, the roof. It is created from a "scalloped" bass wood piece picked up at the local hobby store. A piece of cardstock joins the two halves. Number three, the windows and shutters. I used more scalloped bass wood and glued these in place on either side of the window opening which I cut into two of the dowels. Number four, the floor. I once again used bass wood trimmed to fit inside and around the chimney to better resemble a wooden floor. Number five, the door. I added wood framing on either side of it and a handle. Otherwise, it is out of the box.
The interior of the cabin, with its plaster block chimney and bass wood floor installed
I tried using Vallejo Plaster Putty to simulate the mud chinking between the log dowels. It was a mess to use, plus it shrank up so much you can't even really see it. So, I did not bother painting it a different color.

Finally, the painting method was similar to previous ones -- black prime, wet brush Howard Hues Camo Brown, and follow up with a dry brush Colonial Khaki and Rebel Gray. I think it creates a very serviceable log cabin which will see action on my tabletop soon!


  1. Great work mike.
    But it's a pity to see a so beautiful cabin burn by the indians.....😆

  2. What a great looking building, interior and exterior!