Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Acheson Creations stumps and rocks and stuff

A few of my 28mm Pulp miniatures amidst the newly-painted Acheson Creations resin terrain pieces
 I will be buying some more stuff from Acheson Creations in about a week and a half at Advance the Colors gaming convention in Springfield, OH. I love their various resin terrain pieces -- they are easy-to-paint, look great on the tabletop, and very affordable! So, since I will likely come home with a bag bulging with new terrain for the tabletop, I figured it made sense to paint up what I still had on hand from previous purchases.

Most of the unpainted pieces I had on hand were tree stumps and rocks. No problem -- I could doubtless use them to create a blasted forest, or to add color to an ordinary section of woods. When I say Acheson Creations pieces paint up easy, I mean really easy! Here is all I do to get great looking terrain for my games:
  • Run the pieces through a short cycle in the dishwasher on low (or no) heat
  • Spray paint the pieces black with acrylic
  • Go over the black with a 50/50 mix of black paint and water to ensure it seeps into all the ample crevices and folds of the piece
  • Dry brush a medium brown for the wood pieces (I use Howard Hues Camo Brown), or Dark Gray for rocks
  • Dry brush the pieces khaki for the wood (Howard Hues Colonial Khaki), or Light Gray for rocks (Howard Hues Rebel Gray)
  • Very lightly dry brush wood pieces a light gray -- don't cover up all of your brown, but enough to give it a weathered look
  • Wash with a black wash of your choice
  • Flock
The deep folds and crevices of Acheson products make them to dry brush
 Bingo! You're done. Goes very quickly. I highly recommend Acheson Creations products. They are my single favorite wargaming terrain manufacturer.

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