Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Drake's Perch: A Mouse's Log

The Mouse Heritor leads his crew through the jungle, hunting for treasure
As Heritor, I led a small group of the crew inland to explore this new island. With me, were our Warden and three crewmen. It was relatively quiet at first, we found some treasure caches easily. Quickly, I sent two of the crew back to the ship with what we had found. Up to this point the only signs we had of native creatures were noises in the distance.
The two boards all set up awaiting the players - the Mice deploying in the corner in front of the middle chair at the top
 After the Warden and I split to explore further, I came upon a ruined temple with strange carvings on it. I and my crewman approached, finding an even greater treasure within. As we were starting back to the ship, I was attacked by a Silver Drake which swooped in from the rear. Almost simultaneously, my crewman was attacked by the enemy Heritor of a crew of strange, horned creatures. In the confusion, my attack was disastrously countered by the drake, and my crewman cut down by the Heritor and his crew.
A Silver Drake savages the Mouse Heritor, while shadows signal the approach of the Saytrs
This put me in a very bad position as the lizard had wounded me badly. I decided to use my Heritor abilities and let my two enemies fight it out.  Using Evade, I broke contact with the drake and dashed around the side of the building, hoping the drake and the enemy crew would occupy each other. At the very least, I hoped the drake would weaken the Heritor and his crewman that had killed my companion. For some reason, I felt his wearing red was not an auspicious color for him that day!
The Mice crew split up to find more treasures, earlier in the game
 I was planning to attack the horned enemy crewman while his Heritor was occupied with the Drake. Suddenly, though, a massive briar sprouted up across the rear of the temple, blocking me. I spotted a new group of bandit-furred treasure hunters a long distance away. So, I ducked behind the cover of a large, upright stone pillar, which also hid me from the horned enemies within the temple. This put me in range of the new Heritor’s Warden, though, who cast an entangle spell around my feet. One of his crew then began shooting at me with his bow. I was unable to move free from the entanglement to counter the archer. So, instead, I used my Wraithwalk ability to move from the pillar to additional cover behind a stone wall. This vantage point let me spot an enemy crewman dragging a chest away. Just as I was preparing to attack him, the horned Heritor, Warden and another crewman appeared to help him. After a futile exchange of blows, I evaded them, too, and headed back to the ship for help.
The action rages with Mice exploring the ruins or fighting monsters, while the Badgers do the same in the background
My Warden later told me that he had no better luck. As he was returning to rejoin me, he came upon two rat tribesmen that began to pepper him with arrows. He turned back the way he had come to try and avoid them and rejoin me. He bumped into another group that proved hostile, as well. By their markings, he surmised them to be Badgers, hunting for treasure as we were. When he went to speak to them he was rudely attacked.
The Mouse Warden ranges the battlefield dodging perils and being unlucky in procuring treasures

The gods were not with my Warden this day, he said, as only one of his spells worked as planned. He was able to avoid direct contact with the Badgers. When they were attacked by an unseen fourth group, in turn, he chose linger to see if this could lead to stealing riches from one or both warring groups. It was the Badgers who were being quickly decimated by the attacks of these same bandit-furred creatures (Raccoons, he surmised) who’d attacked me. When the horned creatures appeared (Satyrs, he informed me), he decided to return to the ship for help. Not a good day for us! We lost a crewman lost and found only a bit of treasure. The greater part of the island’s riches were lost to misfortune.

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