Monday, January 19, 2015

Road trip to Siege of Augusta to promote our rules

Our game company, First Command Wargames, has a fairly aggressive convention schedule to promote our first two releases. I ran my "Ohio Frontier Aflame" game for 8 players, promoting Song of Drums and Tomahawks. Meanwhile, Keith ran a For Queen and Planet scenario in the evening session to promote Tom's rules.

The trip was a success -- both games went very well. I had all slots filled, along with 4 people who scribbled their names in as alternates. I was gratified that I received a lot of praise for how nice the table looked. The players all seemed to have fun -- which is the most important part. We sold 5 copies of the rules to attendees and another five to vendors. We also sold 4 copies of Queen & Planet.

Here are some photos from the convention...
The calm before the storm -- the 12' long table all set up and awaiting players!

"Rules for sale! Get your copies of Song of Drums and Tomahawks here..."
And the action begins...players move towards their objectives!
A Huron hunting party seeks to exact bloody revenge on the Rogers Rangers who they've caught raiding their village
A climactic struggle on the cliffs as Stockbridge Indians seek to maintain control of the Huron captives they've taken
War whoops are sounded, dice are rolled, and scalps are taken...!
An English settler family scurries down the road towards what they pray is the protection of a blockhouse...
Indians use the trickery of a fake Lacrosse game to gain entry to an English fort. A bloody struggle ensues...!
Players have their troops fire on charge in desperation...
And spectators take in the action...including friends from the Lead Adventure Forum like "Valerik" here...!

Next Stop on the Convention Schedule: Cold Wars in Lancaster, PA, March 6-8!

Come join us there...!


  1. That looks fantastic, very well done!

  2. Oh Mike, I do look awfully stern! I assure you I had a splendid time! Next year I'll even play!
    Keep up the very good work. The full rules are astounding!!


  3. Excellent Mike,
    How do you deal with so many players per side with initiative ?
    As describe in the rules ? Ping pong method like : A1 then B1, then A2 then B2, etc... ?


  4. Great question, Eric! No, this was an innovation I tried out at Advance the Colors 2013, and it has been very successful. This is actually 4 different scenarios set up side by side. Each board runs its own Side A moves, Side B moves turn sequence. There are rules for moving troops from one board to another. Also, each side has a pregame strategy conference where they decide which board will get their biggest force, next biggest force, and so on. Works like a charm! The players feel like they're in one multiplayer game, but it is run as four separate, games moving at their own pace.

  5. Well done !
    You have the pleasure to play your solo game in a team. Like the idea.
    Hope to see this rules into the supplement for "Song of Drums and Tomahawks".