Sunday, October 29, 2017

Mice Army - Splintered Light Miniatures

Brian Jacques' Redwall novels are the inspiration for much of the Splintered Light Miniatures line, especially my mice army!
I finished the last four stands of my army of Splintered Light Miniatures Mice. I know that SLM is billing itself as 20mm figures, nowadays. However, these mice are tiny! Which, I guess, is to be expected. The figures average about 11mm in height from the bottoms of their feet to the tops of their heads. So, after all the 28mm figures I've been painting recently, this was an adjustment.

Still, the figures are great, and are very cleanly cast. There tends to be little to no flash at all that needs to be trimmed off. And not so many nooks and crannies that are difficult to fit your brush into, like in some lines. Nor is there an over-abundance of equipment festooned to the figures. They tend to paint up quickly -- especially one you have whatever base coast and drybrush method you're using to depict their fur.

So, here it is, the third of my SLM armies based up for my own fantasy miniatures rules. Enjoy!

Mice Heavy Infantry
I thought it would be cool to give each heavy infantry unit of the army its own banner with slogan. The slogans would all be related to cheese. I am normally not given to whimsy in my miniatures gaming, but this was one I couldn't resist. Each heavy infantry base has 5 figures (light troops have 4). I painted them in the colors of Medieval Heraldry as my theme for how they look.
The "Meunster" and "Camembert" regiments
The "Edam" and "Cheddar" regiments
The "Gouda" and "Brie" regiments
Mice Light Infantry Slingers
Splintered Light Miniatures make mice with slings, so these were a natural for this army's skirmishing infantry. I put four figures to a stand with light troops to show their more dispersed formation. I also did not bother with banners for them -- figuring that only the heavy units would really use them. This photo, and the one above of the Gouda and Brie regiments, were entries I submitted in the Lead Painters League.
Mice slingers lurking at the edge of terrain
Mice War Elephants
Elephants and mice together? It just fit too easily into this slightly whimsical army to resist. I sorted through my 15mm Ancients figures and found a couple of Indian elephants that I would not be painting anytime soon (if ever!). I scratch-built a howdah using craft sticks and bamboo skewers. I armored it with some 28mm Dark Ages shields, and crewed it with a couple mice spear, and voila! The heavy fist of this mouse army was done.
Mice riding on elephants was just too perfect for me to resist...
Mice Heroes and Shaman
One of the many things I like about Splintered Light Miniatures are its "heroic" figures. For every line, there seems to be a number of leader or hero type poses that really give it spice. In some armies, the figures are so cool looking it is hard to pick which you want to be the heroes or leaders! These were the two I chose for this army, along with a wizard-looking type to be a Mouse Shaman.
A mouse shaman and two heroes

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