Friday, October 13, 2017

Splintered Light Miniatures Raccoon Army

Some bases and a leader from my Splintered Light Miniatures Raccoon army that appeared in the Lead Painters League way back in 2013
With my Wars of Insurgency and Beaver Wars published, my time has finally been freed up some to work on my next rules project: a fantasy miniatures rules set for use with the woodland animals of Splintered Light Miniatures. I am finishing up my third army specifically based for this system. Once my fourth one is complete, I will begin playtesting. Or perhaps I will put other figures I have on sabot bases and start earlier.
Closeup of a stand of Raccoon Axe troops
The hexagonal basing system is a key component of the rules. Each unit is on a roughly 45mm (1.75") base. This will be a key feature of the movement rules designed to eliminate arguing over the milimetrics and angle-measuring of some rules sets. It will also fit in with the First Command Wargames philosophy of easy-to-teach and simple rules. I will save for later posts detailed discussion of the rules mechanics.
Another stand with axes -- I love the fish standard!
Instead, I wanted to feature pics of one of my painted armies. This one is my Raccoon army. A couple of the photos were entries into the Lead Painters League back in 2013. Others are front and back detail shots of stands. Most armies will be composed of around 10 bases of units with three individually-based leaders.
Another group photo from the 2013 Lead Painters League -- not the individually based hero
Also painted up are my Squirrel army, and the almost-completed one is my Mice army. Sitting on the painting desk, waiting patiently for its chance to strike, is my Fox army.
These are pre-painted plastic figures that are repainted and based up for the army
Spear-armed Raccoon troops

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