Sunday, December 31, 2017

Cubans for Modern Africa

Liberation Miniatures Cubans in 20mm - can you see the cigar in the mouth of the guy second from right?
Each year I create a scenario that I will run at the various conventions to introduce my wargaming rules to the public. Like the second half of last year, I will be featuring my newest rules set Wars of Insurgency. This is a modern skirmish game with each player controlling 3-5 squads of anywhere from one or more vehicles or 3-12 figures (each representing one man). This year's scenario will be called "Smokin' Some Cubans." It will feature an engagement in the between the South African Defense Force (SADF) intervening in Angola on behalf of Jonas Savimbi's UNITA guerrillas. Their opponents will be Angolan and Cuban troops.

I have figures I need for SADF, as well as the Angolan and UNITA African troops. However, I have no Cubans. So, my last miniatures to be painted in 2017 would be 20mm Cubans -- most from Liberation Miniatures. I had a couple packs of Cubans in soft caps, not nearly enough for the size of force that will be fielded. So, I augmented them with some Liberation Miniatures government troops in steel helmets, as well as some of what I believe are World War II troops in helmets, as well.
More 20mm figures that will be used as Cubans - this time Liberation Miniatures government troops
I had intended to paint them exactly like a previous batch, beginning with a light olive drab and then adding a darker OD wash. However, I forgot what I started with as my base color and ended up choosing a darker green. Once they dried, I realized my mistake. However, contrary to my normal procedure, I had painted up 18 figures all at one. Rather than go back and paint over them, I decided to experiment with a new method. I went over the Timberline Green (lighter OD) with an even lighter dry brush of Stonewedge Green. Then, I followed this up with the darker OD -- English Yew Green. I realize these color names mean nothing unless you are using the same Delta Ceramcoat craft paints. I liked the effect these three colors gave. Different than the batch before, but still a shaded olive drab with depth.
More 20mm figures that will be used as Cubans -- these are WW II figures from I honestly don't know where (I take figures out of their packs and put them in ziploc bags, so don't remember...maybe FAA?)
I painted their equipment a variety of lighter and darker colors -- mostly in green hues, but an occasional khaki, as well. I was happy with how these came out. My favorites, of course, are the actual Cubans in soft caps. They have that "Fidel Castro" look to them, so I duplicated the moustache and beard on most of the other figures, as well. The guy with the cigar in his mouth (not sure if you can see it here) was classic.

Incidentally, these are my first experiments taking pictures with the Nikon Digital SLR camera I got for Christmas. I still have a lot to learn about it, but these came out fairly good. I need to figure out the macro setting, though. These are obviously not taken with macro...

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