Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dinosaur Hunt in East Africa

My Italian paleontologist's plane crashes in a large tree, and we disembark to explore the valley
 It had been awhile since Keith had hosted one of his wild and woolley Dino Hunts. He was going to be running one at Advance the Colors 2014, so wanted to get back in the swing of things. Although he plans on using the Pulp Alley rules for the ATC game, he fell back on Saurian Safari for this game to get back into the swing of things.
Almost immediately, we encounter a Spinosaurus and the Italian scientist and his native guides flee for their lives
 The scenario had my Italian paleontologist trying to evade capture by both British and German forces sent to apprehend him. Meanwhile, I was investigating this thick, bamboo forest in East Africa for evidence that the Egyptian gods were inspired by prehistoric creatures that might still be alive. It was a fun game, with my Italian scientist and his two native guides cinematically running from one dinosaur encounter to another.
With more deadly dinos in our path, we turn around and flee the other direction!
In the end, we were snagged by the British, mainly because our direction of flight always seemed to be taking them towards their side of the board. The Germans -- played by Allen and Mike S -- blasted away at every dino that came near and left a swath of destruction in their wake. Their only loss was of their machine gunner to an "Apex Predator" giant toad. Allen continually bemoaned the loss of his machine gun, and insisted he should be able to recover it through the tons of toad blubber that it lay beneath.
One of the native guides flees straight into the jaws of a lurking carnivore
As always, it was a fun game. I look forward to Keith using Pulp Alley for the next game. In the meantime, this was a good warmup!
We were slippery for the whole game, but eventually were collared by the British force and marched off to do their bidding

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