Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blast from the Past: Haitan Food Riots, Wars of Insurgency AAR

So, as my Earthlink-based gaming website is on its way into internet oblivion, I've decided to re-post some of the AARs here on my Lead Legionaries blog. This is one from when we were regularly playtesting my modern Africa rules, Wars of Insurgency. No photos this time, but some may enjoy it anyway!

Haitian Food Riots
So, with the digital camera at the repair shop, no pictures of our modern warfare session at Joel's this past Sunday. Here's our host's account of the game he ran:
• Some called it "Bizzaro world"
• Shots fired at UN troop. They immediately "arrest" a pig on suspicion. The pig squeals. National Police loot (secure?) NGO rice bound for the poor of Haiti.

Joel's report:
It was my attempt at simulating the Haitian Food Riots of 2008, with Mike's Wars of Insurgency rules. The government players were Keith, with two squads National Police, and Zeke, with one squad of Brazilian U.N. troops. The well-armed mobs were Mike, Steve V and Allen. The government troops set up in the middle of the board, while the wild mob surged over two edges.
The government kept the initiative, but had trouble finding enough good cover. Keith took cover in a warehouse and the cheap 'No-tell Motel.' Zeke was on the road when shots rang out and took the nearest cover he could find. The Brazilians took cover in a pig sty and dealt with Allen by giving well-aimed fire we expect from the UN troops. Keith's squad in the Notell Motel suffered a terrible toll in a crossfire from Mike and Steve. 

The mobs broke into warehouses and grabbed anything of value. Keith retaliated by effectively dropping flash grenades into the mob in the street and stairwell. The mob moved back. Then, tragedy struck as the UN came under fire and three soldiers from Brazil were killed (the paperwork hasn't stopped yet). The mob was declared the victor and ruled the field that day.
Meanwhile...somewhere in dusty hot Really, really, bad.....
Afterward a few of us stuck around for a quick comparison glimpse at Firepower modern fire skirmish rules. A British foot patrol (Allen) was ambushed by Sheik Kover (Keith), mujaheddin leader. The mujaheddin draw first blood and Pvt. Kilkenny, S.A.S., dies a gruesome death. After initial panic and shock, the British strike back by dispatching Ali, then Muhammed, and finally AliAliMuhammed. The mujaheddin quickly withdraw...