Monday, October 17, 2016

Photos from Raid on the Ohio Frontier at Advance the Colors 2016

French &  Indian War fun for the whole family!

I ran two sessions of my French & Indian War skirmish game, Song of Drums and Tomahawks, at Advance the Colors 2016 two weekends ago. Both games were completely full with six players. Everyone seemed to have a good time. Since most people have read earlier blog posts about this game and setup, this entry will be mostly photos.

The event has 3 one-on-one scenarios taking place simultaneously, as the Indians launch a raid into Ohio to drive back the frontier. For some reason, I did not take many pictures of "They Died in the Smoke," but there are plenty of others of the other two.

Settlement Raid
A small settlement deep on the Ohio frontier is raided by Indians on the warparth

Frontiersmen take cover and fire as Indians close in for the attack

Tribesmen use the cover of the settlers own fields and fences to move closer to the defenders

Not knowing where the raiders will appear, the frontiersmen must watch all sides of their settlement

A group of Indians use the cover of a log cabin's walls to enter the settlement

The settlement leader keeps a wary out for signs of the raiders at the start of the skirmish

Wagon Train Through Peril
An extended family loads up their wagons with women and children and tries to make it through to local blockhouse

"Here they come!" As feared, Indian raiders lay in wait along the family's path to the blockhouse

As muskets are discharged, combat becomes brutal and bloody with tomahawk and knife

After more than two years of running my game, I get more and more repeat players all the time!

And for only $15, you too can enjoy fast and bloody skirmishes (available through our website)