Monday, April 16, 2018

Ghost Archipelago monsters & creatures

Iron Wind Metals 25mm Prehistoric Bird, which will wander the Ghost Archipelago as a random encounter
 I don't want to look to see how long it has been since I updated Lead Legionaries last. Some real life problems intruded in a major way, and I have spent much of the last three months helping my parents out, and staying at their place. Life is slowly returning to normal, and with that, painting and getting things ready for my Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago campaign.
15mm Drakes, which will replace Giant Wasps as a danger in my Ghost Archipelago campaign
I have been working on my stock of monsters and creatures to be ready when they are called upon with the system's random encounters. I am taking a bit of a shortcut, though, and heavily revising the chart. Part of my changes are to align it more with my Fur-grave theme. Snakemen, for example, are replaced by my already painted up Frogmen. Similarly, the Dricheans will become Splintered Light Miniatures Wildcats, and Tribals are my Pygmy Cannibals from my Pulp games.
These 25mm Iron Wind Metals Lions are a natural stand-in for Tigers on my islands
Other changes are simply to use my current collection of miniatures and substitute something similar. For example, the Screamer Monkeys become Baboons, Tigers are morphed into Lions, and the Mountain Goat will become Stags.
Don't tell them, but Baboons have a nasty enough disposition to take the place of Screamer Monkeys in my games
Finally, there are simply some things I don't want on my tabletop and I would rather have more fantasy creatures for them to fight. Giant Ticks? Nah! Giant Wasps? How about a bunch of colorful Drakes, instead? Yes, I know I can go out and buy those Toobz plastic figures at the craft store (and did for my giant lizards, which DO make sense for this island and fit my aesthetic sense). However, it simply makes sense to use the figures I have collected over the years for random monsters, rather than those that were in the creators collection. I mean, if they're going to GIVE them to me...ha, ha!
Some things on the encounter chart don't change...gorillas will always be gorillas!
So, look for more monsters on this page in the future -- and certainly more promptly than this last update!
These 15mm Gargoyles will take the place of Giant Bats in my campaign

This figure will be what I use if my players encounter a Spirit Warrior or similar Undead
And Balrogs are demons, and demons are Soul Stealers...right?

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Smokin' Some Cubans at Cincycon

Angolan troops move to protect the entrance to the village during my game, Smokin' Some Cubans
 I took this year's Wars of Insurgency scenario for a couple runnings at Cincycon 2018 in Hamilton, Ohio. I had a full table of six players on both Friday night and Saturday morning. Although attendance seemed a bit down -- particularly Friday night -- I was happy to attract the players. Not all game masters were so lucky, so I was appreciative.
The players in my Friday night game engage in firefights across the table
Friday's game played to a fairly solid conclusion, with the South African and UNITA force having a clear path to the village. Saturday's game could have gone either way, though. It was a bloody firefight from start to finish.
South African troops intervene on behalf of UNITA in the Angolan civil war
I still have one more thing to do before, though: paint my SADF Ratel armored cars. The resin models arrived a couple weeks ago from the UK, but I've been so busy with school and helping out my parents that I haven't even touched them, yet. I set myself a deadline of DayCon 2018 to get them done, so wish me luck!
Cuban troops guard the entrance to the village
Here are some pictures from both days -- hope you enjoy them!
The SADF and UNITA players survey the battlefield
Angolan troops advance to outflank the South African attack
The battlefield as troops utilize the cover to close with the enemy
The Angolan and Cuban commanders plan their response as the South Africans and UNITA close in
Supported by Ratel armored cars, the South Africans close in on the Angolan village
UNITA troopers advance under fire from the village defenders
Wide angle view of the battlefield

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Fur-grave: Gallery of the Warbands

I'm ready to start my Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago campaign with my regular Sunday evening gaming group. The South Seas setting really appealed to me because I had so much appropriate terrain painted up already from my 28mm Pulp games set in Southeast Asia. As you have likely seen from earlier posts, I will be using the anthropomorphic figures from Splintered Light Miniatures as my warbands.

I have been busy painting up warbands for my players to select from for the last few months. Each warband will be half the size the rules suggest (5 figures, instead of 10). This is because we will have bigger groups playing, most likely. For their convenience, and as an introduction, here they are all gathered together. Some may show 6 or more figures painted, but that was just to give them some variety or choice!.
Badger Heritor and Warden (with familiar on base)

Badger Spear and Axe
Badger Archer and Axe
Bear Heritor with Animal crew
Bear Warden with small brown bear familiar on base
Bear crewmen
Jungle Rats
Jungle Rat crew, with Heritor in black at front left, and Warden in middle with staff
 Pine Martens
The Pine Marten warband
Pine Marten Heritor and Warden
Pine Marten crew
More Pine Marten crew
Raccoon Warden (with raccoon familiar on base) and Raccoon Heritor
Raccoon Crew
Satyr Warband
Satyr Warden
Blurry image (sorry!) of the Satyr Heritor
Satyr spear and archer
Satyr Sword and Archer
Weasel Warband
Weasel Warden
Weasel Heritor
Weasel Crew

 Assemble Your Own Crew
In case any of my players want to create a motley warband of various, random Splintered Light Miniatures animals, I am giving this option on a first-come, first served basis. As you can tell, I really like SLM's animals. One thing, though, is that many of their cool creatures are single-casting, or have just a couple poses. So, we'll see if any players decides to go this route. For their convenience, here are the rest of the SLM animals I've painted!
Three mice (not blind), suitable for either crew, Warden, or even Heritor
Three Squirrels
Two Skunks
Two Opossums
Two Wolverines
Two Beavers
One Coyote Warrior
One Prairie Dog Warrior
Wildcat Warrior (or Heritor?)
Armadillo Warrior
Fox Warrior