Thursday, March 8, 2018

Smokin' Some Cubans at Cincycon

Angolan troops move to protect the entrance to the village during my game, Smokin' Some Cubans
 I took this year's Wars of Insurgency scenario for a couple runnings at Cincycon 2018 in Hamilton, Ohio. I had a full table of six players on both Friday night and Saturday morning. Although attendance seemed a bit down -- particularly Friday night -- I was happy to attract the players. Not all game masters were so lucky, so I was appreciative.
The players in my Friday night game engage in firefights across the table
Friday's game played to a fairly solid conclusion, with the South African and UNITA force having a clear path to the village. Saturday's game could have gone either way, though. It was a bloody firefight from start to finish.
South African troops intervene on behalf of UNITA in the Angolan civil war
I still have one more thing to do before, though: paint my SADF Ratel armored cars. The resin models arrived a couple weeks ago from the UK, but I've been so busy with school and helping out my parents that I haven't even touched them, yet. I set myself a deadline of DayCon 2018 to get them done, so wish me luck!
Cuban troops guard the entrance to the village
Here are some pictures from both days -- hope you enjoy them!
The SADF and UNITA players survey the battlefield
Angolan troops advance to outflank the South African attack
The battlefield as troops utilize the cover to close with the enemy
The Angolan and Cuban commanders plan their response as the South Africans and UNITA close in
Supported by Ratel armored cars, the South Africans close in on the Angolan village
UNITA troopers advance under fire from the village defenders
Wide angle view of the battlefield