Sunday, September 2, 2007

Blasts from the Past: Raid on Police Compound, Wars of Insurgency AAR

Knowing that one day my old Earthlink-based Lead Legionaries website is going to die, I saving some fun After Action Reports. Here is one from the early playtesting days of Wars of Insurgency. We didn't call it that then, the final title being the third working title I used. The pictures are neither large nor numerous, as this was in the early days of website hosting when space was at a premium. I hope you enjoy them!
Keith advances his Professionals towards the police station, while Allen watches the bullets fly
 Raid on the Local Police Compound

Joel staged another (Wars of Insurgency) scenario using our rules we have been playtesting. As GM, Joel controlled the local police forces guarding a police station / local force compound. Allen, Keith and myself were cooperating but not necessarily friendly rebel forces whose goal was to raid the compound. There were political prisoners inside from our various factions, as well as a cache of weapons and various other supplies we needed. Allen took his usual all Militia force, augmented by a technical -- a jeep with a HMG to provide long range covering fire. Keith took the opposite -- one squad of professionals. I took a two squad force, with small arms and RPGs.
Allen's technical tried to provide covering fire for his militia, but his losses kept piling up
Allen opened the firefight at long range with the HMG, picking off defenders when they left their sandbagged positions. He also blew a hole in the barbed wire fence for his militia to pour through. Great plan, except that the policemen upstairs in the 2-storey building gunned down any militia men who came close to the opening. Meanwhile, Keith and I worked towards the compound from the opposite side. Keith's professionals picked off many of the policemen shifting positions to confront us, while a lucky RPG shot by  me blew a hole in the side of the building. Once all the policemen in our area were down, my two squads left the buildings and raced for the opening.
My rebel forces prepare to enter the police station and free our the nifty order markers I created?
I was first through and my militia squad gunned down the remaining defenders, darting to the basement to free our prisoners. We also looted the supplies, while Keith's clever professionals raced upstairs and found the cache of weapons. Allen's militia men were last through, and got the leftovers. It was a rousing rebel success, and we even maintained our cease fire as Keith and I had too good of loot to jeopardize it by turning on each other. Allen's losses were too heavy to be strong enough to challenge either of us for our spoils, so we darted back into the jungle to count our newly-won spoils. Meanwhile, Joel counted up the points to see who the winner was...and guess what? Keith's STILL winning...!