Thursday, February 1, 2018

Fur-grave: Gallery of the Warbands

I'm ready to start my Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago campaign with my regular Sunday evening gaming group. The South Seas setting really appealed to me because I had so much appropriate terrain painted up already from my 28mm Pulp games set in Southeast Asia. As you have likely seen from earlier posts, I will be using the anthropomorphic figures from Splintered Light Miniatures as my warbands.

I have been busy painting up warbands for my players to select from for the last few months. Each warband will be half the size the rules suggest (5 figures, instead of 10). This is because we will have bigger groups playing, most likely. For their convenience, and as an introduction, here they are all gathered together. Some may show 6 or more figures painted, but that was just to give them some variety or choice!.
Badger Heritor and Warden (with familiar on base)

Badger Spear and Axe
Badger Archer and Axe
Bear Heritor with Animal crew
Bear Warden with small brown bear familiar on base
Bear crewmen
Jungle Rats
Jungle Rat crew, with Heritor in black at front left, and Warden in middle with staff
 Pine Martens
The Pine Marten warband
Pine Marten Heritor and Warden
Pine Marten crew
More Pine Marten crew
Raccoon Warden (with raccoon familiar on base) and Raccoon Heritor
Raccoon Crew
Satyr Warband
Satyr Warden
Blurry image (sorry!) of the Satyr Heritor
Satyr spear and archer
Satyr Sword and Archer
Weasel Warband
Weasel Warden
Weasel Heritor
Weasel Crew

 Assemble Your Own Crew
In case any of my players want to create a motley warband of various, random Splintered Light Miniatures animals, I am giving this option on a first-come, first served basis. As you can tell, I really like SLM's animals. One thing, though, is that many of their cool creatures are single-casting, or have just a couple poses. So, we'll see if any players decides to go this route. For their convenience, here are the rest of the SLM animals I've painted!
Three mice (not blind), suitable for either crew, Warden, or even Heritor
Three Squirrels
Two Skunks
Two Opossums
Two Wolverines
Two Beavers
One Coyote Warrior
One Prairie Dog Warrior
Wildcat Warrior (or Heritor?)
Armadillo Warrior
Fox Warrior