Monday, July 18, 2016

Tomahawks to Historicon 2016

Raid on the Ohio Frontier and my rules, Song of Drums and Tomahawks, had a great visit to Historicon 2016
 We took my "Raid on the Ohio Frontier" game to Historicon 2016 last weekend. It was set up for 6 players, 3 scenarios running side-by-side. We could easily have filled more slots, though. It was great to see the interest, even if I didn't like turning people away. My coauthor Mike Stelzer ran two of the four games, while I ran the others.
A family runs the gauntlet of raiding Indians to reach the local blockhouse
The Historicon Event Coordinator was very accommodating and helped us schedule the events so we could leave the table set up and not tear down after every game. We ended up running it Friday afternoon and evening, and Saturday morning and afternoon. All of the players seemed to have fun, even if their dice weren't always cooperating!
Players had a great time taking on the role of frontiersmen or raiding Indians
Sales were good. We sold 14 copies of Song of Drums and Tomahawks to convention attendees, and Mike arranged a sale of 8 copies to Brigade Games on one of his visits to the Vendor Hall. So, there's another place to pick up copies of Song of Drums and Tomahawks, now -- Brigade Games! We also sold a copy of First Command Wargames' For Queen and Planet, and a copy of Ganesha Games' Song of Drums and Shakos.
The burning log cabin made with LED votive candles was a hit with attendees
I received a lot of positive comments about the board, though I think this setup doesn't have the eye candy that some of the other ones do (no cliffs, no Indian longhouses, no fort). I think the burning log cabin with the LED votive candles made some people smile. It was nice to talk to folks who were regular readers of this blog. They said they recognized my terrain, and enjoyed seeing it in person. I think what amazed most gamers were the $2.99 log cabins and how good they look on the table with just a little bit of tricking out.
Frontiersmen and Indians exchange shots in the square of a small hamlet in the disputed Ohio territory
Here are some photos of our events -- hope you enjoy them! I had a good time running the games, and an enjoyable weekend overall.
Three different scenarios challenged the players with different objectives and tactics

The local tribes were angry with the constant encroachment on their hunting grounds by settlers
Protecting civilian women and children was a big consideration for the players controlling the frontiersmen
"There's one now! BLAM!!!" 
Indians encircle a burning cabin in "Raid on the Ohio Frontier"
Indian raiders rush across open ground to attack the defenders of a farmstead


  1. That looks brilliant, small tables too. I must sort myself a copy.

  2. Fantastic sir...those tea light candles certainly add special effects to a game "

  3. Mike, I had a great time playing Saturday morning. Thanks for setting up a great game.

  4. That is the kind of games i like to see at convention !
    Great job indeed