Friday, June 1, 2018

A Monster Named "Kevin"

On the hunt for chocolate - a "Kevin" prowls the jungle
I posted my first Prehistoric Bird picture awhile back, but I had two more unpainted that I wanted to get around to being ready for the tabletop. Because with my luck, the first random encounter with one of these in my Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago games, will be followed up by an identical roll on the table and a second one will appear. So, I now have three "Kevins!"
I painted two more of these 28mm Prehistoric birds from Iron Wind Metals to go with the one I'd finished awhile back
As I explained in my earlier post, I am a huge fan of the animated movie, "Up." One of the characters is a South American prehistoric bird that is adopted by a boy who shows up and promptly names him (actually her) Kevin. I even painted the miniature to look as much like the bird in the movie as I could. Some may scoff at this, but how do we really know what color schemes are appropriate for prehistoric creatures...?
Color scheme inspired by my favorite animated movie of all time - "Up."
This post is also from Iron Wind Metals, formerly Ral Partha. It is a bit more aggressive than the first (but taller) one I painted. It reminds me of the scene when the main character is trying to shoo away the bird and it closes in on him menacingly. Anyway, one good side not of getting ready to run this game is I am painting up a LOT of creatures I have had sitting in my bins unpainted for a looong time.
"Oh, please be my prisoner!" Kevin and Doug from the movie Up
Next up? For deer stags and a wraith. And then I will begin on a new breed of Splintered Light Miniatures animal crews for players to choose from, since mine are now officially all selected.

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