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Drake's Perch: Weasels, Squirrels, and Pine Martens...oh my!

The Pine Marten Heritor and crewmen investigate the island, searching for hidden treasures
I asked my players to send me an After-Action Report from their crew's point of view. Here are three of them, the Weasels, Squirrels, and Pine Martens:

The Weasel crew disembarked from their ship onto the southern side of the island.  Not knowing what dangers my lie in wait, they headed north as a group of five.  Quickly, they saw a treasure lying ahead, as well as a large building to the east.  With no apparent danger in sight, the Heritor and two crewman headed toward the sighted treasure, while the Warden and the remaining crewman snuck east to recon the building.
In the foreground are the players who were on this board, Joel (Squirrels) and Mike W (Pine Martens) on left, and Allen (Jungle Rats) and Brian (Weasels) on far right
Arriving at the first-located, smallish treasure, the Heritor, again seeing no signs of danger, ordered one crewman to lug the treasure back to the ship while he and the other crewman investigated deeper north into the jungle.

The Warden and crew member had reached the building, but they were met with danger which made their Weasel noses twitch.  A band of Jungle Ratmen was noisily scampering about the jungle further to the east.  After observing them from the shadows for a bit, the Warden decided that the Jungle Ratmen must not have seen him and his crew, or must not have any interest in them. So, while he kept watch, he ordered the crewman to enter the building and see what could be found.  Luckily, the crewman came back a few minutes later lugging a small chest of treasure.  In the meantime, unknown jungle denizens had ambushed the Ratmen, further distracting them from the actions of Warden and crew.  “Exxxcellent!" thought the Warden.
A Weasel crewman runs off with a treasure looted from the large statue behind it
Being rather devious — even for a Weasel — he sent the crew member back to the ship with the treasure, while deciding to lurk about and see how the fight turned out for the Ratmen, hoping that maybe it would go poorly and he could loot the bodies.  Periodically, the Warden called upon his magic to throw a random projectile into the Ratmen melee, but alas, his paws were all thumbs and only one projectile of four landed, and it helped! Unfortunately, it helped the Jungle Ratmen…sigh. Seeing nothing to be gained, he slipped off through the cover to rejoin his crew at the ship.
The Weasel Heritor examines a wall of Brambles cast by the Squirrels to block him from the treasure
Meanwhile, the Heritor and a crew member had delved deeper into the jungle and come across a large alter with a large treasure prominently displayed on a higher level! While waiting for his crewman to grab the treasure, he was able to observe a band of Squirrelmen to the north, but luckily a river was lying between them. Hoping he would have time to drag the treasure off before the Squirrelmen could stop twitching their tails and organize an attack. He and the crew member quickly started dragging the chest to the west, hoping to get to that side of the island and signal their ship.  Approaching a bridge to the west across the river, the Heritor thought he had it made, until out of nowhere, a long hedge of brambles blocked their way!  Those darn Squirrels! Maybe they weren’t all nuts, and had some of the sneak in them too!
Where there's a Weasel, there's a way! The Heritor had no trouble weaseling his way past the Squirrel's barrier
No matter, our Will is high and we will Weasel our way through those brambles. And so we did. Reaching the western edge of the island, large treasure in tow, they were delighted to see another small treasure lying under a tree not far from the beach.  The Heritor grabbed that, while the crewman continued to drag the large treasure, and both were able to reach the water and signal the ship to come pick them up  before the Squirrelmen were able to mount another attack.

Aboard ship, the Heritor and Warden compared stories, and were mighty pleased at their luck and their one large and three small treasures!
The Squirrel Crew exits the jungle towards the river's banks, searching for treasure
Here is the report from the those "sneaky" Squirrels:

Foul Omens: The Squirrels Tale

Foul omens of strong winds and gray vertical rain cleared the deck of our barque, Heart of Oak. With only one skiff seaworthy, we five went ashore.  Floppsy "Ground Squirrel" could hear ten weasels or pine martins close by, extra caution was suggested by leaders Dukka and Dakar. This was quickly agreed upon and we five moved into the bush.  One small ceramic treasure urn (75 gold coins) was found and quickly secured, and moved out of sight.

Dukka then did a mighty leap and landed next to another small wooden chest.  His movement attracted the attention of a weasel of unusual size (W.O.U.S.), that quickly closed ground and met Dukka at the treasure chest. Neither gave ground, so neither got that treasure.
The Pine Marten player kept sending new random encounters against the hapless Jungle Rats, above
And finally, here is the "report" from the Pine Martens, who are apparently known for their brevity:

The Pine Martens where able to keep the Jungle Rats busy with monsters, while we made off with as much treasure as we could carry.  The End!

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