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Great Airfield Raid (Nunawading Wargames Association report)

    Technicals, fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, and more add to the din of the Great Airfield Raid
As author of the modern skirmish rules, Wars of Insurgency, it always gladdens my hear to see a group of players using the rules enthusiastically. The most prolific group that I am aware of is in Australia - the Nunawading Wargames Association.  This report is from one of their games this past August. As you can see, they added their own semi-historical mix to what looks like an incredibly fun game. My thanks to Ashley Jenkins, Mike Fly Goldyn, and the rest of the crew for letting me republish their words and photos!

    Aircraft burn and explosions rock the airfield as Zevonians and other factions battle it out

I had the great pleasure of hosting a Bush Wars game alongside Mike Fly Gołdyn at NWA's open day in August. What follows are all the images I captured along with a (somewhat incomplete) report:
Fly and I had set up the table and were waiting for some victims to come along and have a go. After a while, I said I'd like to have a crack at raiding the airfield with my prized Zebra cavalry. Fly cackled, stroked his silvery beard and said, "Go ahead"!

    The Zealous Scouts and their zebra mounts add a dash of imagination to the NWA Bush Wars games
And so the Zealous Scouts raced down the airfield's access road, the thundering of hooves drowned out by the hail of grenades that were thrown into each bunker as the zebras charged in. They began to draw effective fire as they made it down the road, and casualties began to mount. But help was on the way as three more players joined the game. 

    Guns blazing, the Zealous Scouts circle a mortar pit, pouring fire into its crew
Backed by newly arrived Technicals, the remaining zebras finally reached the end of the road, clearing a mortar pit with grenades. Now down to half their original number, they were set upon by a pack of spear-wielding mummies and a melee broke out. Casualties were traded, but the zebras vanquished their supernatural foes before being wiped out by direct fire from a 25-pounder across the runway.

    Once the mortar pit was cleared, another enemy appeared to challenge the Zealous Scouts
The Zealous Scouts had fallen, but their sacrifice paved the way for the newly arrived Technicals to wreak havoc along the flight line. Hangars burned, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft alike brewed up, and chaos reigned. To make matters worse for all involved, a UFO made a wheels-up landing (that is, crashed) in the middle of the runway, its crew disembarking and vaporizing anything that moved. Meanwhile another horde of mummies appeared.

    Who's to say the thousand year old tradition of using elephants in warfare ends in the modern age?
By now, the defenders were beginning to get their act together. A group of Zevonian elephants and rhinos lumbered out, opening fire on mummies and raiders alike, while a flight of AH-1 Cobras based at the field got up and made strafing runs on the attacking column.

    And if Elephant Technicals are a possibility, why not machine gunners mounted on rhinos?
Soon an airstrike hit the elephants, killing some and causing a stampede among the others. To make matters worse, both Cobras were downed by machinegun fire. The Zevonian rhinos made their presence felt, dispersing the mummies and what was left of the raiding force, as the local air crews taxied their aircraft around burning wrecks and narrowly avoided the UFO blocking the runway as they made their escape.

    Explosions rock the airport and black flames sweep across the airfield and hangars
The airfield was wrecked, but the raiding force paid the ultimate price in doing so. A Pyrrhic victory for the attackers. Thanks to all involved for a very, very entertaining game.

    NWA's 'Bush Wars' campaign features a variety of factions battling it out often in multiplayer games

    Bush Wars features a fascinating mix of 'What If?' to go with modern standards, like jeep Technicals

    For those who scoff at the supernatural, don't forget about the Simbas and their magical beliefs!

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