Sunday, August 11, 2019

More Britons for my Saga army!

28mm Briton reinforcements for my Welsh Saga army
These are the last of the 28mm Britons that I had in my unpainted drawer. Since I am having fun playing Saga once a month with a group at the Guardtower East in Columbus, I figured I may as well get the rest of them done. As it is now, I have to draft some Saxon infantry to fill out my 24 (3 points worth) of warriors. And I also have to draft some Picts to field a unit of 12 Levy javelinmen. Getting these figures done means I have to borrow that many fewer figures to field my "Welsh" Saga army.
Two more Britons that will help fill out the ranks of my two units of warriors
I honestly forget which company these 28mm miniatures come from. I actually received them many years ago when I was helping judge the Origins Awards. The manufacturer sent a very generous amount of samples, and the detail, personality, and posing meant they got my vote! I still have a few mounted figures left from the samples, and I'll get around to painting them soon. Since I use only 8 mounted hearthguard in my army, I already have plenty painted up.
Three more javelin men for my levy unit in Saga
This last batch of three will probably be used in as javelin levy in Saga. They are unarmored, unlike the middle two, and are in a more active, "throwing" pose. Of course, one of the great things about Dark Ages troops is they can be used for so many other kingdoms. There was a lot of similarity in what troops looked like in this period -- at least as far as I have read. The horn blower in the first photo will probably take over as my Warlord's attendant. I like to base my Saga warlords with one leader figure, a musician, and a standard bearer. I know that under the rules they count as one, but it just looks better, I feel (and so do some others, I know!). The other guy in the first picture looks like a "battle line" type of troop. So, he will also fill out the warriors. Speaking of lending figures, he will likely one day get "borrowed" by the Picts when I get around to fielding a Saga Pictish army (which I will field as Scots, because the Picts in their lists are the "Ancient" ones that fought the Romans. The ones that fought the Vikings (the part of the Dark Ages for all my other figures) fought very similar to Saga Scots with bands of infantry with long spears.

What's next? More MDF buildings and -- believe it or not -- jet airplanes! 

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