Tuesday, August 13, 2019

28mm Sarissa MDF Factory #2 Completed!

The Wangs hang out at the back doors of my latest 28mm MDF Sarissa Factory
When I cleared off the modeling desk in the spare bedroom, I knew it would make sense to begin another one of my 28mm Sarissa buildings for my urban terrain. I flipped through the five I have left from my last purchase from Wargame Tools. The motel? Nah...looks complicated! The 2-level store? Maybe. The newstands? Nah. What about the second factory? That was a quick build, and I'm going to be busy getting ready for the start of school...SURE!
The Wangs (Mega Minis) practice their moves in front of another building named after another Sunday night gamer
There are at least four different versions of the Sarissa factory, and the biggest difference with this one was that it had two sets of double garage doors on the front AND rear sides of the building. That meant you have to be a little  more careful when handling it to paint the interior and sides. The doors are made of cardstock and perforated so you can easily depict them open or closed. Several times while I was shifting my grip during the painting process, I felt the doors begin to give and separate. I wasn't too worried, as I fully intended to print off (rather than paint) them. The paper glued to the exterior and interior would strengthen them enough so I wouldn't have to worry about their strength anymore. I really like how the doors I created in Photoshop look, too. I think they're better than the ones I made for Finn's Industrial Fasteners, the first factory I built.
Who put that graffiti on the factory side wall? Well, I did...downloading Google images, cropping, and printing them out
Speaking of naming, I continued my new tradition of naming the building after one of our Sunday night gaming crew. Thus, Mike Stelzer now apparently owns a factory in Columbus (where I am setting my gang warfare games). Otherwise, I did this factory exactly like I did the first one I built -- so you can check out that entry for details on how I painted and modeled it. I changed the trim color from dark red to deep blue, but otherwise, I did it identically, other than the name, of course!
I decided to have some fun with the "Days Missed" safety sign in the factory
I decided to pose my first gang I painted next to it because they haven't appeared in any of the Urban Warfare posts, I think. That's because I actually painted them years ago for our Pulp games! They were the Order of the Fire Coral in our Southeast Asian 28mm Pulp games, using Pulp Alley rules. In the 1970s & 80s Columbus, they are the Wangs. I named them after a gang in the movie, "The Wanderers" -- which I really do need to find a copy and watch, again. Why the Wangs? Well, Rodney Dangerfield's sidekick in "Caddyshack" was named Wang, and that's a great movie from that era! They are some pretty cool poses -- all but the leader holding the pipe are from 28mm Mega Minis (who are sadly, out of business, it appears).

So, what building is next? A brewpub, in honor of our usual host on Sunday night, who brews his own beer!

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